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Current Version
Current version: Beta 3.17.1
Release date: February 25th 2022
What's new in Beta 3.17/3.17.1:
• The trams at Hageningen have been expanded from 1 line to 7
• Hageningen-Essim-Simvliet railway (WIP)
• Metrocoaster 2.0
Featured Maps

Simvliet is oldest of the currently available maps in the simulator. It includes a metro network with 4 lines as well as a tram network in the neighboring city of Hageningen, with 7 lines.


Rijndam is an island out of the coast of Simvliet with a network of 7 metro lines, 4 tram lines, Sprinter, Intercity, Intercity Direct NS lines and a channel tunnel that connects with mainland.

City of Thames

City of Thames is a fictional city inspired by London and contains (for now) 3 lines, 2 sub-surface (Green and Yellow) and 1 deep-tube (Red), with more coming in the near future.

Central Line: Woodford–Ongar

A recreation of the northernmost section of the London Underground Central Line, from Woodford to Epping, including the heritage Epping-Ongar railway.

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