Line 13 (Hageningen)

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Hageningen – Simvliet
Strandboulevard - Theater
Opened 3.17
Strandboulevard - Theater
Length 16 Stops
Tracks 2
Today In use

Line 13 is a tram line in Hageningen, in the Simvliet map. It runs from Strandboulevard towards Theater.


The current line 13 was opened in 2020 with the Simvliet-Hageningen lightrail. Before that, line 13 ran between Hageningen Centraal and Theater only, although trams typically continues at Centraal as line 11 towards Clauspark.

Rolling stock

Line 13 is operated by the TFS Trams. Trams are stabled at the Hageningen tram depot.


During weekdays line 13 has a 6 trams per hour service between 7:00 and 20:00. Early morning and late evening there is no service on this line, passengers will have to change at Hageningen Centraal. On Fridays the service is extended in the evening until 21:00. During the weekend the service starts later in the morning and ends earlier as well.