London Underground Signalling System

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The London Underground Signalling System (LUSS for short) is the signalling system used in London Underground. In the simulator, is used in the City of Thames map.

Signal type LUSS signal Instructions
2 aspect signal - White signal sign Basic 2color LU.jpg 🟢⚫Proceed (green light)
⚫🔴Stop (red light)
2 aspect signal + route indicator - White signal sign 2color route LU.jpg ⚪⚪⚪🟢⚫Proceed, the signal shows the position of the next track switch (green light)
⚪⚪⚪⚫🔴Stop (red light)
2 aspect signal - Yellow signal sign Repeater LU.jpg 🟢⚫Proceed (green light)
⚫🟡Proceed, slow down to stop at next signal (yellow light)
4 aspect signal - White + Yellow sign 2color repeater LU.jpg
2color repeater dwarf LU.jpg
🟢⚫🟢⚫Proceed (2 green lights)
🟢⚫⚫🟡Proceed, slow down to stop at next signal (Green + Yellow light)
⚫🔴⚫⚫Stop (Red light)
1 aspect signal FixedRed LU.jpg 🔴Stop
Shunt disc Shunt LU.jpg Stop (horizontal disc)
Proceed (if combined with 2 color signal, ignore red light) (Diagonal disc)
3 aspect signal (+ speed sign) Basic 3color speedsign LU.jpg Proceed (if higher speed on sign, increase speed after the end of the train has passed the sign) (green light)
Proceed, slow down to stop at next signal (yellow light)
Stop (red light)
Speed sign Speedsign Arrow LU.jpg Proceed, change speed after cab has passed signal
If a arrow is attached, only change speed when following arrow direction