Line M6 (Rijndam)

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Station Blaak - Tropicana
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 2020 - 2022
Station Blaak - Tropicana
Length 8 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use
uKBHFa Station Blaak
transfer: Lines LineT2.png LineT3.png LineRR1.png
ueABZlf to Depot Station Blaak
uHST Gooimeerlaan
uHST Janeway Park
uHST Stadhuis
transfer: Line LineM1.png
uHST Burcht
transfer: Line LineM4.png
ueABZlf to Monument / Rijnland ZKH / Molenwijk / Panbos / Rijndam Airport
uHST Nationale Opera
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png
uHST Rijndam Megastores
transfer: Line LineM7.png
uKBHFe Tropicana

Line M6 is a metro line in Rijndam that runs between Station Blaak and Tropicana. It is partially inspired by the London Underground sub-surface lines (Circle, District and Hammersmith & City).

Line M6 runs mostly underground. Only Janeway Park (named after captain Kathryn Janeway, of the starship USS Voyager) is in the open air, yet not entirely on the surface. At Stadhuis, Burcht and Nationale Opera, passengers can interchange to/from other lines on the metro network. At Station Blaak, passengers can interchange with RijndamRail local train services.