Line T4 (Rijndam)

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Garenmarkt - Wkc De Bogaard
Route 2022
Garenmarkt - Wkc De Bogaard
Length 10 Stops
Tracks 2
Today In use (starting V1.3)
uKBHFa Garenmarkt
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineT1.png LineT3.png
uHST Vondellaan
uHST Groene Hout
uHST Rembrandtplein
uHST Stuyvesantplein
uHST Centraal Station
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineM2.png LineM3.png LineM4.png LineT1.png LineRR1.png LineRR2.png
uHST Spoorwijk
uHST Sir Winston Chruchillaan
uHST Laan van Steenvoorde
uKBHFe Winkelcentrum Bogaard

Line T4 is a tram line in Rijndam that runs between Garenmarkt and Winkelcentrum Bogaard.

Transfer to and from the metro network is possible at Garenmarkt and Centraal Station.

Between Central Station and Wkc De Bogaard, line T4 uses APS power supply (Alimentation Par le Sol, literally meaning feeding via the ground). Only the Tours and Reims Citadis trams can run here.

Line T4 is available in version 1.3.