Line T1 (Rijndam)

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Station Buitenvelden - Centraal Station
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 2020 - 2022
Station Buitenvelden - Centraal Station
Length 13 Stops
Tracks 1 or 2
Today In use
uKBHFa Station Buitenvelden
transfer: Lines LineT2.png LineRR1.png
ueABZg+r to Ketelplein
ueABZg+l to Buitenvelden Depot
uHST Deallertweg
uHST Rijndamsebaan
uHST Brielselaan
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png
uHST Dagobertlaan
transfer: Line LineT2.png
ueABZrf to Statenpolder / Denia
ueABZg+r to Statenpolder / Denia
uHST Oranjeboomstraat
transfer: Line LineT3.png
uHST Steenstraat
uHST Garenmarkt
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineT3.png
uHST Vondellaan
uHST Groene Hout
uHST Rembrandtplein
uHST Stuyvesantplein
uKBHFe Centraal Station
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineM2.png LineM3.png LineM4.png LineRR1.png LineRR2.png

Line T1 is a tram line in Rijndam that runs between Station Buitenvelden and Centraal Station.

Transfer to and from the metro network is possible at Brielselaan, Garenmarkt and Centraal Station. From its opening in 2020 to 2022, the Centraal Station terminus does not have a turning loop, only bidirectional rolling stock can function on this line. However, in 2022 (v1.1&1.2), a turning loop was added at Centraal Station. Prior to 2022, there were stations with platforms on the off-hand side of trams. In Rijndam 2022 (v1.1&1.2) these stops were eliminated. These stops also were double tracked. The segment from Stuyvesantplein to Centraal Station and the tunnel between Oranjeboomstraat and Dagobertlaan are single track. Furthermore, in 2022 (v1.2) a turning loop was added at Garenmarkt to enable short turn services.