Line M2 (Rijndam)

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Monument - Centraal Station
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 1985
Ketelplein - Noorderpoort
2006 - 2016
Monument - Centraal Station
Monument - Transferium Rijndijk
2020 - 2022
Monument - Centraal Station
Length 14 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use
uSKBFa Monument
ueABZg+l to Centraal Station / Statenpolder
uSHST Ambachtslaan
transfer: Line LineT2.png
uSHST Ketelplein
transfer: Line LineT2.png
uSHST Vossemeerlaan
ueABZlf to Bergenseweg Depot
uHST Station Westplein
transfer: Lines LineM3.png LineRR1.png
uHST Bergenseweg
uHST Brielselaan
transfer: Lines LineT1.png LineT2.png
uHST Westpoort
transfer: Line LineM1.png
ueABZrf to Molenwijk
uHST Damplein
transfer: Line LineM1.png
uHST Museumkwartier
transfer: Line LineM1.png
uHST Guggenheim museum
transfer: Line LineM4.png
ueABZg+l to Molenwijk / Rijndam Airport
ueABZlf to Station Blaak / Tropicana
uHST Nationale Opera
transfer: Line LineM6.png
uHST Wilhelminapark
uKBHFe Centraal Station
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineM4.png LineT1.png LineRR1.png LineRR2.png

Line M2 is a metro line in Rijndam that runs between Monument and Centraal Station.

Line M2 runs underground from Central Station to Westpoort. After Westpoort, the line continues above ground to Station Westplein. At Station Westplein, trains switch to Sneltram mode for the last part to Monument.