Line D (Simvliet)

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Strandboulevard - Simvliet Centraal
Simvliet 2020 3.15.png
Opened 3.15
Strandboulevard - Simvliet Centraal
Length 14 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use
uSKBFa Strandboulevard
ueABZrf to Hageningen Centraal via Clauspark
uHST Ziekenhuis
uHST Theater
uHST Stadhuis
ueABZg+r to Strandboulevard via Clauspark
uSHST Hageningen Centraal
uSHST Hageningen Kennispark
uSHST Hageningen Noord
uSHST Zoutplas Campus
uSHST Zoutplas Julianaplein
uSHST Zoutplas Centrum
BSicon .pngueABZlfBSicon .png to Zoutplas Molenpark
uSHST Zeerwijk
ueABZg+r to freight line
uHST Simvliet Buiten
ueABZg+l to Araplein / De Molens / Delfsblaak
uHST Simvliet West
transfer: Line C.png
ueABZrf to Delfsblaak / Simvliet Haven
uKBHFe Simvliet Centraal

Line D is a metro/lightrail line in Simvliet. It is the newest line and runs from Strandboulevard towards Simvliet Centraal.

Rolling stock

The line is currently served by the RSG3 stock, with some HSG3 units used as backup. During the day, two units are coupled together. In the evening on Sundays to Thursdays single units are used. The trains operate out of the depots at Strandboulevard and Bergpark. Trains starting and ending at Bergpark have to take the route of line C between Simvliet Centraal and De Bergen.


The off-peak service consists of 6 trains per hour running between Strandboulevard and Simvliet Centraal. During the peak hours the frequency is increased to 10 trains per hour. During the early morning and late evening there are some trains running between Strandboulevard and Hageningen Noord that reverse at the siding over there. This is due to the long distance between the Simvliet depot at Bergpark and Hageningen and the desire for early and late services within the city of Hageningen itself.

During the weekend on Friday and Saturday night, there is a late night service between Strandboulevard and Simvliet Centraal running every 20 minutes.