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Now that you are able to drive a train, it is time to learn about the Traffic Control Console (CVL) and how it works.

Opening the CVL

Opening the CVL is possible with two keys: F1 , (open the CVL) or F2 , (open and give input).

The CVL panel

When you have opened the CVL you will see a blue screen with the track (yellow lines) and section-numbers (white numbers). In this panel you can make a path trough intersections. In this panel you also can see the actual sim time and where the trains are on the track.

Make a path

Before you can cross a intersection a path is necessary. This path can be auto generated by your train number or can be made manually by typing RWI.png. When you make a wrong path and want to delete it you can type RWO.png

Change your train number

For making an auto generated route or a DRIM text, you can change your train number. By default, a train unaffected has a F100?? code. This number has no function. For changing this number type TWZ.png.
The following codes for Simvliet are used:

T Simvliet Airport
U Simvliet Airport Opstel (Simvliet 2020<)
K Simvliet Centrum Keerspoor (Simvliet Centrum Reversing Track) (Simvliet 2013≤)
C Simvliet Centrum
X Remise Bergpark (Bergpark Depot)
B De Bergen
S Stationweg, If from SST: track 5; other track 2
W Stationweg Keerspoor (Stadionweg Reversing Track)
Z Springstraat Opstel (Simvliet 2013≤)
P Springstraat
M De Molens
V De Molens Uitloop
O Oostpark
Y Oostpark Opstel
A Araplein (Simvliet 2017<)
L Lelywaard (Simvliet 2017<)
N Niet Instappen (Not boarding)

Split trains

If you want to split a single train in two separate trains you can type SPLIT.png. Now you have two trains with different codes.

Station departure block

If a train is ahead of schedule it will get a station departure block (vertrekverbod). This signal can also be given manually by typing VVI.png or be removed manually by typing VVO.png.

Automatic junctions

When a pathfile is loaded you can chose which junctions are automated and which not. You can do this by typing DV.png or the other commands.

DV Go straight ahead on both sides.
AK Reverse at this junction.
AB Automatic junction by destination code.
FE Manual junction.

Not every code is available on every junction.

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