Line 11 (Hageningen)

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Hageningen – Simvliet
Strandboulevard - Zoutplas Molenpark
Opened 3.15
Strandboulevard - Zoutplas Molenpark
Length 19 Stops
Tracks 2
Today In use

Line 11 is a tram line in Hageningen, in the Simvliet map. It runs from Strandboulevard towards Zoutplas Molenpark.

Rolling stock

Line 11 is operated by R-Net KTMCL trams, each tram consisting of two coupled units. Trams are stabled at Strandboulevard, although maintenance is done at the Hageningen tram depot.


Off-peak there are 6 trams per hour running and during the peak hours the frequency is increased to 12 trains per hour. On fridays there is a late night 20 minute service.