Line 11 (Hageningen)

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Hageningen – Simvliet
Strandboulevard - Zoutplas Molenpark
Opened 3.15
Strandboulevard - Zoutplas Molenpark
Length 19 Stops
Tracks 2
Today In use

Line 11 is a tram line in Hageningen, in the Simvliet map. It runs from Strandboulevard towards Zoutplas Molenpark.


The current line 11 was opened in 2020 with the Simvliet-Hageningen lightrail. Before that, the number 11 was used for a different line that ran between Hageningen Clauspark and Hageningen Centraal via Clauspark and Stadhuis. Trams typically continued as either line 13 or 15 at Hageningen Centraal. When the lightrail was opened, services between Clauspark and Centraal were reduced as the lightrail was a better alternative for most people, and the line number was reused for the new between Strandboulevard and Zoutplas.

Rolling stock

Line 11 is operated by R-Net KTMCL trams, each tram consisting of two coupled units. Trams are stabled at Strandboulevard, although maintenance is done at the Hageningen tram depot.


Off-peak there are 6 trams per hour running and during the peak hours the frequency is increased to 12 trains per hour. On fridays there is a late night 20 minute service.