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This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions. For other question, or if you need support, please visit the fora.


Q: How do I get the setup menu again?
A: Search for the MetroSimulator Beta Setup at Windows Start or delete the render.cfg file at: C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\MetroSimulator

Q: When I start the Simulator it ask for a .ddl file
A: Before you can start the game you need to be sure that you have installed the latest DirectX version. You can download the latest version Here

Q: When I start the Simulator it says: Sorry, the videocard does not meet the minimium requirements
A: Your graphics card isn't good enough to play the Simulator, buy a better graphics card to play the Simulator

Q: The lights and some environmental stuff disappears or are flickering
A: At the moment there are some difficulties with the AMD graphics cards. They cause some problems, there is no solution at the moment.

Q: At some points my FPS are dropping dramatically or sounds stop
A: Most people experience FPS drops when passing a emplacement, this is caused by a less powerful graphics card. When there are to much sounds the simulator don't give any new ones.

Q: When I minimize the simulator the screen is grey
A: This is a know problem, play in windowed mode. You can do that by using the setup menu.

Q: The installer is corrupt/broken, please obtain a new copy
A: Redownload and retry. Often there is a fault with browsers not downloading the full file and leaving it corrupted or too much traffic on the servers causing a disconnection and leaving the file incomplete. Try different browsers/download times.

Q: "SimulatorBeta.exe / MetroSimulator 0.5 BETA 3.10 has stopped working" when starting the game
A: Download the compadability package for old Direct X Versions from here

Q: How do I make my own activity?
A: Look at this page for the basics. For more advanced stuff ask in on the fora

Q: How do I make a path?
A: For paths you have to use the CVL, see the this tutorial for more information.

Q: Can I put my own ideas/stuff in the Simulator?
A: No, you can't put your own stuff in the simulator.

Q: What is coming in the future?
A: For all updates about the next update you can see the fora. Asking for future updates like the editor isn't necessary.

Q: Can I send ideas for the Simulator?
A: No, when Michiel wants ideas he will ask it on the fora.

Q: I can not move the train
A: See this page or read the readme which is included with the Simulator.

Q: The Wiki is only in English, why?
A: It it more difficult then you think to make a multi-language wiki. The most people can read English so English is chosen.

Q: The readme is not available in my language
A: For the readme we need translations that we don't speak ourselves. If you want to translate your own language for the readme send a PM to Senjer on the fora.

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