Red line (City of Thames)

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City of Thames
Red line
Length 29 Stations
Tracks TBC
Today In use

The Red line is a deep-tube line of the City of Thames underground network which runs from Ealing Central in the west of the city to Barlow Heights at the northeast. The lines has two branches, one from Elmford Central to Beckton Junction and another from Palace Garden to Hendon Hall.


There are 6 trains/hour between Ealing Central and Barlow Heights running all day, as well as 6 trains/hour which run between Ealing Central and Palace Garden until around 20:00. There are also 3 services to Hendon Hall. One from Beckton Junction with 12 trains/hour peak, which is reduced to 6 off-peak. A second service from Acton Central with 6 trains/hour until 20:00 and only off-peak. And a third from Birkbeck Cross, also with 6 trains/hour, off-peak from 20:00 to 22:00.