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This is the Keyboard and Joystick page. Here, you can find (almost) all the available keyboard controls of the Metrosimulator. You can also find some information about joystick compatibility.

Since Beta 3.9 you can change the keyboard controls, through the Options menu of the simulator.
Note: Not all controls can be changed!


Metrosimulator is compatible with joysticks.

To assign buttons and axes, in the Options menu, click the right "Change" button and then move your joystick at the preferred axis or click the preferred button. In order to assign the joystick lever for accelerating and braking click the "CONTROL_TRAIN_POWER" (for acceleration) and "CONTROL_TRAIN_BRAKING" (for braking) Change buttons.

Keyboard Controls

Operation and View Controls
Driving Controls
Ctrl+F4 Switch cab on
In some keyboards, you might need to press this key, as well: Fn
Shift+F4 Switch cab off
In some keyboards, you might need to press this key, as well: Fn
, Brake/Decrease power . Throttle/Increase power
/ Emergency brake (SG2 and RSG2 only) Ctrl+L Emergency button (SG2 and RSG2 only), allows use of track brakes on third rail mode
Q Control lever left (driving direction etc.) W Control lever right
A Second control lever left (protection system in London stock) S Second control lever right
Enter Horn Shift+O Decouple
Power Controls
Ctrl+P Raise pantograph (Only in trains with pantographs) Shift+P Lower pantograph (Only in trains with pantographs)
Ctrl+I Raise (enable) third rail shoes Shift+I Lower (disable) third rail shoes
Ctrl+Shift+P Disable pantograph protection
Door Controls
Insert Unlock doors left Home Unlock doors right
Delete Open doors left End Open doors right
D Close doors Ctrl+Shift+D Disable door protection
Train Protection Controls
The one next to 1 and above Tab Confirm deadman Ctrl+Tab Drive on sight (RSG2 and RSG3)
Ctrl+Shift+A automatic train protection Tab Ask for departure (ZUB)
Other Controls
[ Turn signal left ] Turn signal right
\ Alarm lights C Enable or disable the AI driver
Num / Destination sign up Num * Destination sign down
Shift+/ Train Number Down Shift+* Train Number Up
Ctrl+/ Secondary destination sign up Ctrl+* Secondary destination sign down
F1 Traffic control F2 Traffic control
Ctrl+PageUp Increase simulation speed Ctrl+PageDn Decrease simulation speed
Ctrl+Shift+PageUp Change the simulator's time by 1 hour forward (Explore Mode Only) Ctrl+Shift+PageDn Change the simulator's time by 1 hour backwards (Explore Mode Only)
Ctrl+L Turn on/off driver's cabin lights Shift+L Turn on/off passenger cabin lights
Ctrl+D Benchmark mode (press twice) J Change the nearest switch (applicable from passenger stock only)
Ctrl+X Animation 1 Shift+X Animation 2
Ctrl+Shift+X Animation 3
View Controls
1 Camera cabin 1 2 Camera cabin 2
3 Outside camera 6 Passenger Camera (Not available in all trains)
7 Passenger Camera (Not available in all trains) 9 Free camera
Move (free camera) PageUpPageDn Move up
Move down
Ctrl+ Change cabin Ctrl+ Change cabin

Numpad controls (Train driver views)

With the numpad controls below you can turn the train driver view to different directions, so you don't have to use the mouse.

Numpad View Controls



Every button turns the train driver view towards the direction which is shown above the button


Numpad 5 has no function



If this doesn't work try it again after switching the numlock on/off