Line M5 (Rijndam)

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Transferium Rijndijk - Denia
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 2018 - 2022
Transferium Rijndijk - Denia
Length 4 Stations
Tracks 1 or 2
Today In use
uKBHFa Transferium Rijndijk
transfer: Lines LineM4.png
ueABZg+r to abandoned tram platforms
uSHST Lierdijk
ueABZg+r to Garenmarkt
uSHST Westwoud
transfer: Line LineT3.png
uxtHST Denia Spoorplein
M5 trains do not stop at this station
ueABZg+r to Depot Denia
uSKBFe Denia

Line M5 is a metro line in Rijndam that runs on exceptional occasions only, between Transferium Rijndijk and Denia. Between 2020 & 2022, the line had been converted into the tram line T3.

Line M5 runs entirely above ground from Transferium Rijndijk to Denia, a small town south of Rijndam. It is a short single track line with two intermediate stations (Lierdijk and Westwoud). The line pre-dates the Rijndam metro network as a short railway diesel powered branch, connecting several small towns. It was electrified (overhead whires) and became part of the metro network when line M2 was extended to Transferium Rijndijk in 2018. The railway connection was severed, but its remains are still present.

Due to its local layout (single track, shorter 90m platforms, and lower maximum speeds) it was decided not to extend line M2 further (as that would mean reducing the maximum train length on line M2), but to run it as a separate line. When M4 took over the Transferium branch from line M2 in 2020, this was not changed. At Transferium Rijndijk, cross platform interchange is provided between line M4 and M5.

The terminus "Denia" is inspired on the real terminus station of the city Dénia in Spain, and the end of the narrow gauge diesel railway Benidorm-Denia, which is part of the Alicante lightrail network (as line L9). It features the same track layout as the real station, except it has three platform tracks instead of four, and the surrounding road layout is also resembles (but is not an exact copy of) the real situation around the station.

In Rijndam 2020, line M5 is being converted for tram use, and re-branded line T3. However; the stations will have temporary high platforms, so mixed operation of metro (M5) and tram (T3) will be possible. Custom made activities containing line M5 will keep working, as long as they reference the default "Rijndam2020.ctd" (which will contain the necessary updates to keep line M5 working).

Since 2022, line M5 service has been restored while the tram line shares the tracks until Westwoud.