Line M1 (Rijndam)

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Panbos - Molenwijk
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 1985
Station Westplein - Molenwijk
Noorderpoort - Molenwijk
Panbos - Noorderpoort
2016 - 2022
Panbos - Molenwijk
Length 17 Stations
Tracks 1 or 2
Today In use
uKBHFa Panbos
uHST Eikenlaan
uHST Rijnwoude Dorp
uHST Rijndamseweg
uHST Noordvliet
transfer: Line Museumline LineRR1.png
BSicon .pngueABZrfBSicon .png to Rijndam Molenwijk
uHST Arendstraat
uHST Nobelplein
ueABZg+l to Rijndam Airport
uHST Noorderpoort
transfer: Lines LineM4.png LineM7.png
ueABZlf to Rijndam Megastores
ueABZrf to Transferium Rijndijk
ueABZlf to Centraal Station / Station Blaak / Tropicana
uHST Museumkwartier
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png
uHST Damplein
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png
ueABZg+r to Westpoort
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png
uHST Garenmarkt
transfer: Lines LineT1.png LineT3.png
uHST Stadhuis
transfer: Line LineM6.png
ueABZg+r to Transferium Rijndijk / Denia
uHST Centraal Station
transfer: Lines LineM2.png LineM3.png LineM4.png LineT1.png LineRR1.png LineRR2.png
ueABZlf to Monument / Rijnland ZKH
uHST Houtweg
uHST Simvlietlaan
uHST Muziekbuurt
uKBHFe Molenwijk
transfer: Lines LineRR1.png LineRR2.png

Line M1 is a metro line in Rijndam, which runs between Panbos and Molenwijk. It was the first line built in Rijndam.

The line runs above-ground from Molenwijk to Simvlietlaan and from Nobelplein to Panbos. Between Simvlietlaan and Nobelplein, line M1 runs underground.

The section from Nobelplein to Panbos was once a local railwayline, starting at Rijndam Noorderpoort. A few years ago, the Rijndam city council has decided to connect this railway to the metro network. This was done to eliminate the need for passenger interchange, to increase the frequency of services on the line, and to allow for the demolition and redevelopment of the site of the former train station. Power on this section is supplied by overhead wires; at Nobelplein, line M1 trains switch from 3rd rail to overhead power supply and from ATB to ZUB train protection. Between Noordvliet and Panbos, the line runs on a single track.