Green line (City of Thames)

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City of Thames
Green line
Length 26 Stations
Tracks TBC
Today In use

The Green line is a sub-surface line of the City of Thames underground network which runs from Southwick Park in the south of the city to the Acton area where it splits into a number of branches. One branch runs from Acton Central to Beckton Junction, another that runs from Acton Field to Simpleton, and finally two branches from Shepherds Gate towards Oxford Cross and GWR Station.


There are 6 trains/hour all day, between Southwick Park and GWR Station. All day until 20:00, there are 12 trains/hour between Simpleton and Oxford Cross, 6 trains/hour from Beckton Junction to Aldgate. Between 20:00 and 22:00, 12 trains/hour depart from Simpleton to Aldgate and 6 trains/hour between Beckton Junction and Oxford Cross. After 22:00, there are 6 trains/hour between Simpleton and Oxford Cross. During the morning peak, trains from GWR Station to Shepherds Gate and from Aldgate to Oxford Cross run as fast service, at all other times the green line runs as all stations service.