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Rijndam is a fictional city in Dutch style (made by Sjoerd Ydema), located along the river Rhine, with a metro network inspired by several different Dutch and non-Dutch metro networks.

There are seven versions of the Rijndam network:

Rijndam 2016 was originally build for release 3.10, and was replaced by Rijndam 2006 in release 3.12.

It has recently (26-05-2018) been updated to function again in Metrosimulator 3.14, and released as a separate add-on. Download below.

Due to the fact that this network does not contain the surface mainline railways, it also contains a lot less scenery then the other Rijndam networks. Together results in a lot less objects to be loaded by the simulator, leading to a smoother simulation experience when using a less powerful computer.

Rijndam 2016

Rijndam Metro wandkaart 2016.png

General info

Rijndam 2016

Rijndam Museumlijn klein.jpg

Sjoerd Ydema
Traction power supply:
Third rail (in the city centre and Museum and airport Shuttle) and Overhead wire (in the Suburbs)
First Map by Sjoerd. Contains 5 lines and a Museum Shuttle.
MetroSim Version Required:
Network information


There are 4 main lines, a small museumline, and an airport shuttleservice:

  • Line M1: Molenwijk - Panbos
  • Line M2: Central Station - Monument
  • Line M3: Central Station - Rijnland Ziekenhuis (Hospital)
  • Line M4: Central Station - Rijndam Airport
  • Museumline: Noordvliet - Transport Museum
  • Airport shuttle: Airport Terminal 4 - Parking P40


The network has several depots:

  • Depot Molenwijk
  • Depot Bergenseweg
  • Depot Rijndam Airport
  • Depot Airportshuttle

Train-Protection Systems

ATB on line M1 (MLW-NDP), M2, M3, M4 (RCS-NDP), museumline and airport shuttleservice.

ZUB on line M1 (NDP-PNB) and M4 (NDP-RDA)

Train usage

Lines M2, M3 and airport shuttle

Lines M1 and M4
SG3 Home.png


Line M1

Line M1 runs above ground from Molenwijk to Simvlietlaan and from Nobelplein to Panbos. Between Simvlietlaan and Nobelplein, line M1 runs underground.

The section from Nobelplein to Panbos was once a local railwayline, starting at a station at Rijndam Noorderpoort. A few years ago, the Rijndam city council has decided to connect this railway to the metro network. This was done to eliminate the need for passenger interchange, to increase the frequency of services on the line, and to allow for the demolition and redevelopment of the site of the former train station.
Power on this section is supplied by overhead whires; at Nobelplein, line M1 metro's switch from 3rd rail to overhead power supply. The railway section has ZUB train protection; the switch from ATB to ZUB is done at Noorderpoort.
Between Noordvliet and Panbos, the line runs on a single track.

Destination codes:

  • M - Molenwijk
  • C - Central Station
  • P - Noorderpoort
  • V - Noordvliet
  • B - Panbos

Line M2

Line M2 runs underground from Central Station to Westpoort. After Westpoort, the line continues above ground to Station Westplein and Monument. At Station Westplein, metro's switch to Sneltram mode for the last part to Monument.
Metro's on line M2 in the direction Central Station will switch to line M3 upon arriving.

Destination codes:

  • G - Central Station via National Opera
  • S - Station Westplein
  • O - Monument<

Line M3

Line M3 runs underground from Central Station to Westpoort. After Westpoort, the line continues above ground to Station Westplein and Rijnland Ziekenhuis (Hospital). At Station Westplein, metro's switch to Sneltram mode for the last part to Rijnland Hospital.

Metro's on line M3 in the direction Central Station will switch to line M2 upon arriving.

Destination codes:

  • C - Central Station via Garenmarkt
  • S - Station Westplein
  • R - Rijnland Ziekenhuis (Hospital)

Line M4

Line M4 connects the city with Rijndam Airport. It runs underground from Central Station to Noorderpoort, and then continues above ground to Rijndam Airport. Shortly before reaching the aiport, the line returns underground, to terminate under the Airport terminal building containing terminals 1,2 and 3 (passengers for terminal 4 can change here for a shuttle service).

As with line M1, the section outside of the city uses a converted railway line, with power supply by overhead whires (the switch from 3rd rail to overhead whires is done after the line surfaces leaving Noorderpoort) and ZUB train protection. Near the tunnel entrance, a small portion of the former connection to the old site of the Noorderpoort Train station can still be seen.

Line M4 has its own depot at the airport, using the site of a former underground cargo terminal.

Trains on line M4 start at the airport, run to Central Station via Garenmarkt, and back to the airport via Nationale Opera; a counter-clockwise loop trough the city center. This is done in order to give all stations on the city center ring a direct connection to and from the airport.

Destination codes:

  • C - Central Station
  • P - Noorderpoort
  • A - Rijndam Airport
  • L - Rijndam Airport (used for Airport -> CS -> Airport)


The metro transport museum is located at the Wagenmakerstraat in Noordvliet, at the end of a old freight branch off the Rijndam - Panbos line. Here, a small depot has been build in order to preserve, maintain and display the historic metro trains. The line connecting the museum to the nearby Noordvliet station (on line M1) has been converted for use by these old metro trains; it has 3rd rail power supply and ATB train protection.

Destination codes:

  • V - Noordvliet
  • W - Transport museum

Airport Shuttleservice

The Airport Shuttleservice is a short line connecting the airport terminals with several parking lots near the airport. It is operated by the Airport Authority, separate from the Rijndam metro network. The line is provided as a free service to passengers. At Rijndam Airport Terminals 1-3 passengers can transfer to/from the Rijndam Metro network, line M4. It is a single track line, electrified with 3rd rail, and equipped with ATB train protection. The platforms are shorter then those on the Rijndam metro network; only 60 meters, long enough for two SG2 units. The line has it's own depot, located near the stop "P40 Parking".

Destination codes:

  • F - Airport Terminal 4
  • Q - P40 Parking
Other locations


Depot Molenwijk

Depot Molenwijk is the main depot on the network. It is situated near the terminus Molenwijk at line M1. It has 13 sidings for stabling up to 100 SG3-type metro trains, a 4-track maintenance facility, a track for testing trains, and a mainline railway connection for receiving or sending cargo.

Depot Bergenseweg

Depot Bergenseweg is a former freightyard near Bergenseweg metro station, connected to the metro network at Station Westplein. After the national railway company abandoned it, it has been closed off from the main railway line, and converted for use by the Rijndam metro network (power supply by overhead whires). Three tracks have been converted to serve as stabling facility for metro trains. The other tracks are not electrified and are available for stabling track maintenance rolling stock and/or out-of-service metro trains. There is also a short section of track leading to the docks at the Rhine river.

Depot Rijndam Airport

Depot Rijndam Airport uses the site of a former underground cargo terminal. It has 4 tracks, with capacity for up to 16 SG3-type metro trains. It is the only fully underground depot on the network.

Depot Airport Shuttle

The depot for the Airport Shuttleservice is located near the stop P40 Parkinglot. It has 4 tracks, each long enough for a 60 meter long metro.

Track layout

The image below shows the track layout as it appears in the CVL screen. Click on the image for a larger version.

Rijndam 2016 CVL.png