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Glasgow Subway

The Metrosimulator Glasgow route is a recreation of the Glasgow subway (made by Sjoerd Ydema).
In the first version, the Glasgow rolling stock is not available for Metrosimulator, so modified London Underground 1973 stock trains are used.

In version 2, the following updates have been made:

  • The Glasgow rolling stock are provided in three livery's (included in the download package).
  • All Glasgow activities use the correct trains.
  • The tracks on the entire line are built closer together, to increase the realism at the stations.
  • At all stations, the platform height and platform edge distance from the tracks are adjusted to the rolling stock.

In version 3, the following updates have been made:

  • New 3rd generation trains added (driver controlled and driverless versions)
  • New maintenance trains added
  • Trainwash animated
  • New train test facility extension
  • Switches around the depot replaced to better fit with the real situation
  • SPT Operations building added
The network
General info


Subway map.png



Sjoerd Ydema
Traction power supply:
Third rail
Recreation of the Glasgow Subway
MetroSim Version Required:
Version 1 Build-in Metrosim 3.14
Version 2 discontinued
Version 3 Download
Network information

  • 1 (circular, 15 stations)

  • Glasgow Subway Broomloan Depot

Train-Protection Systems


Train usage

SPT G3 021.jpg


There is one circular line which services 15 stations. The service is divided in an inner circle (counter clockwise) and an outer circle (clockwise).
Near Partick, the line passes the only closed station on the Glasgow subway, Merkland Street; this station was closed and replaced by Partick during the modernization of 1977, in order to create an interchange between subway, trains and buses. All that remains of the old station is the old platform area.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle runs counter-clockwise around the loop. Trains enter passenger service at Ibrox, and when returning to the depot, trains exit passenger service at Govan.

Destination codes:
A - Inner circle continues running
D - To the depot

Outer Circle

The Outer Circle runs clockwise around the loop. Trains enter passenger service at Govan, and when returning to the depot, trains exit passenger service at Ibrox.

Destination codes:
B - Outer circle continues running
D - To the depot

Other locations

Broomloan Depot

There is one depot (Broomloan), located near Govan. The connection to the underground tunnel is between Govan and Ibrox.
The depot has a 5-track workshop, a 6-track trainshed, and a 2-track track maintenance shed.

SPT Broomloan Depot.jpg

The doors to the trainshed are activated by the CVL, the doors to the workshop are activated by detectors in the track. The back door to the workshop and the doors to the track maintenance shed are operated manually (by clicking on them).

Rolling stock

The system has 33 motorcars with one driver cabin each, and 8 trailercars. These are employed in consists of either three motorcars, or two motorcars with a trailercar in between. Specifications on the Glasgow subway trains:

Track layout

The image below shows the track layout as it appears in the CVL screen. It has the same layout as the real CVL screens for the Glasgow Subway, located at Broomloan Road Depot. Also, the same security block and signal numbers are used.

CVL Glasgow.png

Signalling system

The system is equiped with lightsignals (red/green at the end of all platforms). There are no further intermediate signals between stations, except between Govan and Ibrox, where the depot is connected.
In metrosimulator, the ATB system has been installed.

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