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Funicular Railway - Ferrocarril Funicular
General info


Sjoerd Ydema
Traction power supply:
Funicular railway with 3 stations
MetroSim Version Required:
Funicular 011.jpg
Length 3 Stops (550m)
Tracks 1
Today In use
uKBHFa Plaza Iglesia
uHST Plaza Mercado
uKBHFe Carrer Estació

The Ferrocarril Funicular (English: Funicular Railway) is a short single track railway, transporting passengers up a hill to the city center. The gradient of the line varies between 8% and 12%. Two trains are operated, passing each other at the halfway station. Connected by a cable, they act as each other's counterweight, and therefore very little energy is required to operate the line.

The line has three stations; Carrer Estació (Station Road) at the bottom of the hill, Plaza Mercado (Market Square) at the halfway point, and Plaza Iglesia (Church Square) at the top.

Technical specifications

  • Length of the line: 550 m
  • Height difference: 59 m
  • Maximum gradient: 12 %
  • Vehicles: 2
  • Capacity per vehicle: 50 passengers
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Track gauge: 1435mm (standard gauge)

Operation in Metrosimulator

The line can be operated from both ends of both trains. As the trains are connected by the cable, you are operating both trains simulatiously.


The external lights work a bit different then on other Metrosimulator trains; as the headlights of the other train also need to be activated, they are not connected to the cab on/off setting (as then the headlights would only work on your own train), but to the turnsignal controls instead.

  • To activate/deactivate the headlights in the direction of travel, press [ (left turnsignal).
  • To activate/deactivate the headlights on the other side, press ] (right turnsignal)
  • To activate/deactivate the headlights on both sides, press \.


The maximum allowed speed is 25 km/h, and the motors are limited to this speed. However; the bottom half of the line has a higher gradient then the top half of the line, so when one of the vehicles in decending over the bottom half, both vehicles tend to speed up. Keep your speed under controll!


The AI does not work for this line. You have to drive yourself.

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