Beta 3.14

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Beta 3.14
Simvliet 2020.png


Rijndam Metrokaart 2020 (9).png

Subway map.png
Release date May 10th 2018
Maps Rotterdam 1968
Simvliet 2020
Simvliet 1982
Rijndam 1985
Rijndam 2006
Rijndam 2018
Rijndam 2020
What's new Look at the "New features" section
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Beta 3.14 is the eleventh publicly released version of Metro Simulator Beta 3. It was released on May 10th 2018.

New features

  • New map: Glasgow
    • Inner Circle
    • Outer Circle
  • Rijndam 2020
  • Rijndam 2018
    • The Rijndam Chris Gutjahr Laan station has been renovated
  • Rijndam 1985
    • All the tunnels in line M1 between Westpoort and Houtweg have been changed to older style ones.
  • Other changes
    • New London Underground 1973 stock
    • MG2/1 and SG2/1 stock
    • The driver's cab doors can now be opened
    • The user will now be able to turn off all dynamic lighting and dark tunnels through the setup menu
    • The locos have now a control panel in the cab
    • The wipers can now been turned on and off on specific trains
    • The MG2 – SG2 Extended are now integrated
    • New more organised Add Vehicle menu