Rijndam Airport

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Rijndam Airport RijndamAirport.pngLine M4
AirportTerminals123.pngAirport Shuttleservice
Opened Unkown
Type terminal station
Platforms Metro: 2
Shuttle: 1
NS: 1
Tracks Metro: 3
Shuttle: 1
NS: 2
Length Metro: 135m
Shuttle: 60m
NS: 205m
Lines M4, Airport Shuttleservice, NS Intercity / HSL
Destination Code A

Rijndam Airport is as metro and railway station serving the Rijndam International Airport (RJD/EHRJ). Rijndam Airport is a station of line M4, the Airport Shuttleservice as well as of the IC and HSL lines to Rijndam Centraal, Ypenburg, Zeeburg and to the mainland.