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Transportmuseum TransportMuseum.png
Opened 2006
Type Museumline metrostation
Platforms 1 side platform
1 Island Plattform
Tracks 3
Length 60m
Lines Museumline
Destination Code W

When the Rijndam Noorderpoort - Panbos railway was added to the metro network in 2006, the freightbranch running from Noordvliet trainstation to the Noordvliet Wagenmakerstraat freightyard got a new life as a museumline, to transport visitors to and from the newly opened transport museum, using old rolling stock.

In 2020, this station gets a full-length platform 2, equipped with DRIMs, TBAs and nameboards, replacing the old smaller one.

In 2022, a third Plattform was added with narrow gauge, which goes to 's Gravendijk.