Rijndam Centraal

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Rijndam Centraal
Railway station
M1, M2, M3 Metro station
M4 Metro station
Tram stop
Opened Unknown
M4/Tram: 2020
Type Main railway station
Platforms Metro: 3 island platforms
Tram: 3 side platforms
Train: 3 island platforms
Tracks Metro: 6
Tram: 3
Train: 6
Length Metro:135m
Tram: 55m
Train: 390m
Lines LineM1.png LineM2.png LineM3.png LineM4.png LineT1.png LineT4.png
Destination Code Train and Tram:
Via Garenmarkt: C
Via Nat. Opera: G
Via Burcht: I

Rijndam Centraal is the main railway, metro and tram station for Rijndam. It serves metro lines M1, M2, M3 and M4, tram lines T1 and T4 as well as Intercity and Sprinter services to Rijndam Airport, Noordvliet, Ypenburg, Zeeburg and Essim.

Metro Station

The metro station originally began with two tracks and one island platform. Later, when the city centre loop was created, a second island platform was added with two more tracks.

In 2020, a new tunnel under the city centre opens, connecting to the line to Transferium Rijndijk (which opened in 2018). For this, a third island platform is created one level below (and beside) the existing metro station.

Tram stop

The tram station has been build in 2020. This was a cul-de-sac stop with one island platform and two tracks. In 2022, the station was a first time rebuild: there’s is a two-track loop who pass partially under the railway to reach a station with standard configuration (two side platforms). One track has a left platform, the other one has right platform.

Later in 2022 the station has been replaced and the configuration changed: this is a one-track loop with a two-track station, each one serves a right platform (In order to facilitate use of unidirectional rolling stock).

Later again with the creation of the T4 line, the station has been partially rebuilt. This is now a 3-track station with 3 right side platform:

  • track 1 is only to reversing train by the loop. In regular situation only T1 use this but exceptionally T4 can use too.
  • track 2 is for T4 to Wkc De Boogaard but can be use like the first one to reversing a tram by the loop.
  • track 3 is for T4 to Garenmarkt. A switch allows reversing in case of interceptions at the west.

Be careful: after the station in WKC direction there’s an APS zone: only APS’s fitted trams can continue. You have to take the loop to reverse (follow the signalisation indications)