Museum line (Rijndam)

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Noordvliet - Transportmuseum
Rijndam2022 B.png
Route 2006 - 2022
Noordvliet - Transportmuseum
Length 2 Stations
Tracks 1
Today Operated occasionally
uKBHFa Noordvliet
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineRR1.png
ueABZlf to Panbos
uHST Transportmuseum
uKBHFe 's Gravendijk

The Museumline is a train line in Rijndam that runs occasionally only, between Noordvliet and the Transportmuseum station.

The metro transport museum is located at the Wagenmakerstraat in Noordvliet, at the end of a old freight branch off the Rijndam - Panbos line. Here, a small depot has been build in order to preserve, maintain and display the historic metro trains. The line connecting the museum to the nearby Noordvliet station (on line M1) has been converted for use by these old metro trains; it has 3rd rail power supply and both ATB and ZUB train protection.

In Rijndam 2022 v1.3, this line has been reconverted for dual gauge from Noordvliet to Transportmuseum, in order to share the tracks with FGV 2300. The line has bene extended from Transportmuseum to 's Gravendijk in meter gauge (only FGV 2300 will run on the new extension).