Guggenheim museum

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Guggenheim museum GuggenheimMuseumM2M3.pngM2, M3 Metro Station
GuggenheimMuseumM4.pngM4 Metro station
Opened 2020
Type Multilevel underground metro station
Platforms 4 side platforms on 2 levels
Tracks 4
Length 135m
Lines M2, M3, M4

Guggenheim museum is a station on the south side of the Museumkwartier area in the Rijndam city centre. It was build along the new city centre tunnel of line M4, close to the Rijndam Guggenheim museum. As the M2/M3 tunnel also passes this area, the M2/M3 lines have also been connected to the station, to provide interchange between the lines. The stations design has been inspired on the style of the Guggenheim museum; it was made to look as a piece of modern art.