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Denia Denia.png
Opened 2018
Type tram stop
Platforms 1 island tram platform
1 side metro platform
Tracks 3
Length 90m
Lines M5, T3
Destination Code Metro: Z
Tram: D

The line M5 terminus "Denia" is inspired on the real terminus station of the city Dénia in Spain, and the end of the narrow gauge diesel railway Benidorm-Denia, which is part of the Alicante lightrail network (as line L9). It features the same track layout as the real station, except it has three platform tracks instead of four, and the surrounding road layout also resembles (but is not an exact copy of) the real situation around the station.

In Metrosimulator, the terminus opened as a metrostation in 2018. Before that, it was in use as a diesel railway station, with diesel powered trains heading for Rijndam Central station. The railway connection has since been removed, but remains can still be found near Transferium Rijndijk.