Denia Spoorplein

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Denia Spoorplein DeniaSpoorplein.png
Opened 2020
Type tram stop
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Length 80m
Lines T3

Denia Spoorplein is a tramstop along the Transferium Rijndijk - Denia line, to be opened with the coming transformation of this line from metro (M5) operation to tram operation (T3).

During the phase in which both types of rolling stock can be used on this line (which will be the situation in the next release) this tramstop will not be equipped with temporary high platforms; metro rolling stock will skip this stop.

The surrounding scenery on this location is loosely based on the real Denia. In reality, although the line to Denia is being renovated for tram use, no tramstop is being planned in this spot;