Beta 3.9

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Beta 3.9
Release date May 29th 2015
Maps Simvliet 1982
Simvliet 2013
Simvliet 2017
Simvliet 2020
What's new Look at the "New features" section
Download Available

Beta 3.9 was the sixth publicly released version of Metrosimulator Beta 3. It was released on May 29th 2015.

It's the last version to support 32-bit computers, thus the download link is still available. However, you can't receive support for this version.

New features

  • Last version to support 32-bit computers.
  • Note that you can no longer receive support for this version and existing bugs won't be addressed. This version is available in order for Metro Simulator to be compatible with 32-bit computers.
  • Simvliet 2020
  • Other Changes
    • Trains placed in the depot at Bergpark will automatically get repaired (flat wheels or broken pantographs)
    • Entering a train by clicking on it's cabin
    • New ATB signals
    • Several Bugfixes