's Gravendijk

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This is about the line M4 station. For the museum line station, see 's Gravendijk (Museum line).

's Gravendijk 'sGravendijk.png
Opened 2018
Type light rail station
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Length 135m
Lines M4

Station 's Gravendijk was part of the Railway between Rijndam Noorderpoort and Rijndam Airport. It was later redirected to the Rijndam Metro network in 2006, but as passenger numbers were low, it was closed in June 2007. The station reopened in 2018 as part of Rijndam Metro line M4, after the number of residents of 's Gravendijk grew and a petition to re-open the station was organised.

In Rijndam 2022 v1.3.1 a station (not too far from the main station) has been built for the Museum line.