Beta 3.17

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Beta 3.17
Release date January 1st 2022
Maps City of Thames
Rotterdam 1968
Simvliet 2020
Simvliet 1982
Rijndam 2020
Rijndam 2018
Rijndam 2006
Rijndam 1985
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(64-bit only)

Beta 3.17 is the fourteenth publicly released version of Metro Simulator Beta 3. It was released on January 1st 2022.

Beta 3.17.1 was released as an update to fix a few bugs on February 25th 2022.

New Features and Changes

Beta 3.17.1 Changes:

  • Simvliet 2020
    • Fixed not being able to change some switches with J in the Hageningen tram network
    • Fixed AI driving behavior for some trains.
    • Extended the platform at Hageningen Bos to fit longer trams
    • A few more WIP tracks in were added Hageningen/Essim
    • Extended timetable for sprinter & freight trains in Essim
    • Various small fixes in the Simvliet route.
    • Added a 2010 timetable for Simvliet where only tracks that existed pre-lightrail are used.
  • Game Engine
    • Fixed sound disappearing when there are a lot of vehicles around

Beta 3.17 Changes:

  • Simvliet 2020
    • 6 new tram lines in Hageningen:
      • Line 12 (Hageningen Megamall - Zoutplas Molenpark)
      • Line 13 (Strandboulevard - Theater)
      • Line 14 (Hageningen Haven - Bos)
      • Line 15 (Hageningen Haven - Hageningen Strand)
      • Line 16 (Pier - Bos)
      • Line 17 (Hageningen Strand - Hageningen Noord)
    • The railway from Hageningen to Simvliet via Essim is now included as WIP, but driveable, with 14 new stations
    • Metrocoaster 2.0 easter egg
  • Rotterdam 1968
    • The previously easter-egg small tram network has been modified, now including 1 stop, as well as non-hidden tracks in the Hilledijk Depot
  • Other
    • Support for ROZ Drive-on-Sight system
    • New Duty Selector menu for ROZ networks that don't use the CVL
  • Bug fixes