Beta 3.6

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Beta 3.6
3.6-3.7 2013.png
Simvliet 2013.png
Release date 20 April 2013
Maps Simvliet 2013
What's new Look at the "New features" section
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Beta 3.6 was the third publicly released version of Metrosimulator Beta 3. It was released on April 20th 2013.

New features

  • Simvliet 2013
    • A new track is added on the Oostpark opstel
    • A third platform is added to Oostpark
    • The 2 bridges between Oostpark and Parklaan are replaced by a new one
    • The length of the De Molens and the Springstraat branches' stations has been increased
    • A new emplacement is built after De Molens: De Molens Uitloop
    • New layout on the Stadionweg keerspoor
    • 2 new platforms at Stadionweg, which, together with layout changes, allow extension of Line A to Simvliet Centrum
    • Noordplein is moved a few meters
    • No more single track between Varenweg and Springstraat
    • Empty areas near Noordplein and between Stadionweg and Simvliet Centrum are filled
    • De Bergen and Kruidveldlaan have been renovated
    • Expansion of Bergpark depot
    • Alexanderpark and Simvliet Centrum are now elevated and have nameboards
    • Simvliet Centrum is relocated
  • Other changes
    • Many new objects
    • Several Bug fixes