Beta 3.16

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Beta 3.16
Release date December 25th 2020
Maps City of Thames
Rotterdam 1968
Simvliet 2020
Simvliet 1982
Rijndam 2020
Rijndam 2018
Rijndam 2006
Rijndam 1985
What's new Look at the "New features" section
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(64-bit only)

Beta 3.16 is the thirteenth publicly released version of Metro Simulator Beta 3. It was released on December 25th 2020.

Beta 3.16.1 was released as an update to fix a few bugs on March 13th 2021.

New Features and Changes

  • Fixed a bug which prevented AI-controlled diesel trains to activate their engines when on a track with 3rd/4th rail
  • Added the ability to start an activity with the diesel engine of the train already turned on

Beta 3.16 features:

  • New map: City of Thames, a London inspired map created by Michiel and Sjoerd
    • Green line (Southwick Park - GWR Station)
      • Beckton branch
      • Simpleton branch
      • Oxford branch
    • Red line (Ealing Central - Barlow Heights)
      • Beckton branch
      • Hendon branch
    • Yellow line (GWR Station - Oxford Cross)
  • Simvliet 2020
  • Other changes
    • The grass texture has been updated
    • The non-repaintable HSM is now integrated
  • Game engine
    • The terrain can now be manipulated to create different land shapes like mountains and hills