Metrocoaster (Beta 3.8)

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This is about the Metrocoaster in Beta 3.8. For the Metrocoaster in Beta 3.17, see Metrocoaster (Beta 3.17).

Metrocoaster Metrocoaster.jpg
Platforms 1
Tracks 1

The Metrocoaster was a short underground rollercoaster for metros, hidden as easter egg in the Simvliet 2017 route in Beta 3.8. The metrocoaster consists of one station followed by a very steep track downwards, on which vehicles easily accelerate to 100km/u within a few seconds. After a few tight curves the track end in another very steep slope upwards, after which the vehicle will roll backwards and, when it has enough speed, arrive back at the station.

The metrocoaster is equipped with third rail, but no automatic train protection system is installed, so in order to use the metrocoaster the train protection system should be disabled or it will try to stop the train (which may or may not work, as the brakes may not be strong enough for the steep tracks).