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Now we are ready to learn how to drive a train like a pro. First, check if you have done the start-up sequence. In order of the Simulation check the cables, Monitor, mouse, keyboard and PC to ensure that everything is working fine.

To drive properly, there is one major rule you need to understand:

"It is important to know how to drive a train, but it is much more to know important how to stop a train."

When you have learned to drive as explained and you have developed the correct skills and appearance, then Chapter 3 Standard Driving can be dismissed completely.

There are some tutorials how to drive a train concerning this simulator on You Tube. But at a closer look, they teach you rubbish. So it is nice to see, but take this proposition: Do not follow up like how they show you to.

Now there are some major issues you'll have to address and consequently adjust:

1 - The passenger may not notice that you are driving the train.

If you had a glass of water on the train that was filled to the brim, your driving should be smooth enough to not let even a drop of water spill.

G forces are always noticed by passengers:

1 - A passenger feels when the driver drives roughly.

2 - A passenger feels when the ATB/ZUB brakes kick in.

3 - A passenger feels when a train starts.

4 - A passenger feels when a train brakes.

5 - A passenger feels when you drive through a power separator (a large gap of at least 30 meter between two third rail catchpoints)

There is a way and method to not cause these feelings.

Actually the main rule: A passenger may NOT feel anything concerning G forces!

If they do, passengers will complain about you and you have failed.

When you turn into a curve, the water must remain in the glass and not fall over the edge.

This is professional driving!

How to achieve this way of driving?

Warning Icon.png More to come,

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