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Stadionweg Stadionweg.png
Opened 1971
Type Metro station
Platforms 3
Tracks 5
Length 130 meters (platforms 1 - 4)
115 meters (platform 5)
Lines A.png B.png C.png
Destination Code S

Stadionweg is a metro station which contains 5 tracks and 3 platforms. From this station, line A (towards Araplein) splits from the lines B and C (towards Tussenvelden). This station has one siding which continues towards Tussenvelden. The track between metro station Stadionweg and Araplein is electrified with overhead wire and is protected with a ZUB system. Only the RSG2, SG3 and RSG3 can drive on this track.


Along with Springstraat, Stadionweg existed long before the Simvliet Metro was introduced as freight station. Until 1965 a single line non-electrified railroad existed between Simvliet Haven and Stadionweg. The station consisted of a single platform with three tracks, and a few additional tracks on the side. It was used mainly for loading and unloading cargo from boxcars and flatbed from and to the warehouses in the vicinity of the station. One of the tracks continued towards Springstraat where another freight yard was located.

By the year 1965 there was little activity remaining as more and more cargo was being transported over the road instead of rail. This led to the decision to decommission the line when the plans for the metro were being finalised. The line and freight station were demolished and the metro was built on top of it, two side tracks and the branch towards Springstraat were kept during the expansion of the network as it proofed useful for the working trains. Eventually this branch was decommission as well though.

When the industry around Springstraat was being replaced with suburban housing in 2000 a proposal was made about reusing the old line as a branch of the Simvliet Metro. Due to budget cuts however the proposal was dismissed. Five years later a new and much cheaper proposal of a standalone branch using the existing infrastructure did pass. This resulted in the line being electrified and platforms were constructed. Due to limited budget the line remained single track and the platforms were very basic. The line was reopened in 2006, making Stadionweg the biggest station in the network.

It was ten years later when the Springstraat branch was finally properly connected to the rest of the Simvliet Metro. For this a dive-under was constructed from platform 1 towards Noordplein where a second track was constructed as well. Also a new platform 4 and 5 were constructed.