Simvliet Centrum

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Simvliet Centrum Simvliet Centrum.png
Opened 1968
Type Metro station
Platforms 2
Tracks 3
Length 130 meters
Lines A.png B.png C.png
Destination Code C

Simvliet Centrum is a station of the Simvliet Metro located in the centre of Simvliet. Simvliet Centrum has two elevated stations, the first one is Alexanderpark and the second one is metro station Simvliet Centrum. There is a small rail yard behind the metro station Simvliet Centrum which contains 3 tracks. These tracks are commonly used for reversing.

Between 2016 and 2020 the sidings behind the metro station have been rebuild to extend the line towards Simvliet Airport. Two new sidings for reversing trains have been build between the two tracks that continue towards Simvliet Airport. During most time of the day, only half of the trains continue towards Simvliet Airport, the other half reverses at Simvliet Centrum.