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Springstraat Springstraat.png
Opened 2006
Type lightrail terminal station
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Length 130 meters
Lines A.png
Destination Code Z

Springstraat was the north-eastern terminus of Line A. There is a small railyard with 3 tracks located here as well.

The line is extended to Araplein from here.


Like Stadionweg, Springstraat existed long before the Simvliet Metro was introduced, as it was a freight station on the old line between Springstraat and Simvliet Haven. Due to fewer cargo being moved by train, the line was decommission when the metro was being constructed. Springstraat was initially kept as branch of the metro line and during the expansion of the metro was used as storage location. Eventually the line was decommission as well.

In 2006 the line was reopened as part of a shuttle service between Springstraat and Stadionweg, reusing the old single line track. Due to budget cuts, it took ten years before the line was finally fully integrated in the Simvliet Metro. During the reconstruction, that took 3 months, the entire line was reconstructed, and the old freight yard at Springstraat was demolished entirely. These days there is little evidence of this history to be seen.