Simtra Narrow Gauge Tram

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Simtra Narrow Gauge Tram

The Simtra Narrow Gauge Tram is a fictional tramline (made by Sjoerd Ydema), inspired by the Portugese Sintra tram. The line runs from the train station near the city center to the beach.

General info

Simtra Narrow Gauge Tram


Sjoerd Ydema
Traction power supply:
Overhead wire
Single track narrow gauge tramline
MetroSim Version Required:
Network information


There is 1 line:

  • Line 1: Estacion de Tren - De Praia (Trainstation - The Beach)


The network has one depot, located near the city center tramstop:

  • Depot Centro

Train-Protection Systems

Just like the tramlines in Rijndam and on the Toronto Streetcar network, the line has been fitted with ATB

Train usage

On this line, you can use the SImtra trams included in the package, the narrow gauge Lisbon trams, and the FGV Citylink tram (included in the RijndamRail package). If you whish, you can also use the FGV diesel trains.



The line runs from the trainstation to the beach. It is a single track line, with passing points at several tramstops.

Destination codes:

  • T - Estacion de Tren
  • C - Centro
  • D - Depot
  • E - Plaza d'Espana
  • V - Praca do Vinho
  • P - De Praia

By using a train number which starts with "9", you will be routed directly to the departure platforms at the ends of the line. This way, if you use a bidirectional vehicle which is too large to handle the thight curves on the turning loops, you don't have to use the loops.

Other locations


The depot is located near the Centro (city center) tramstop. There are 3 tracks, each 40 meters long. Track D1 then conitues into the maintenance workshop, while tracks D2 and D3 continue into a turning loop around the depot.

The capacity for the depot depends on the size of the rolling stock you are using. For Simtra's own rolling stock, it will fit 6 motorcar+trailer combinations, or 12 motorcars. As only 4 trams are needed for a 10-minute interval on the line, only two tracks are needed. Therefore, the 3rd track can be used for spare rolling stock.

The depot doors are opened by setting a path in the CVL. When your vehicle has passed the doors, they will close again. If you cancel a path without using it, the doors will close after 10 seconds.

Simtra Freight station

Near the Simtra train station, there is a small freight station, which also has a connection to the tramline. As the tramline and the railways have the same track gauge, this connection can be used to bring cargo from the railways to destinations along the tramline. The freight station can be reached through track T99 on the CVL screen. The switch to get there is operated manually.

Praca do Vinho siding

At Praca do Vinho, there is a siding for handeling freight. The tramstop and siding here have been inspired on the Banzao tramstop along the Sintra line, where a similar siding enters into a beer brewer (once used for transporting freight to the Sintra train station).


Next to the Centro tramstop, there is a small platform along the line which connects to the church. This is not an official tramstop, but can be used for special occasions.

Track layout

The image below shows the track layout as it appears in the CVL screen. Click on the image for a larger version.