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Veengestel VGT.jpg
Opened 2022
Type Tram stop
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 2
Length 70 meters
Lines T3

Veengestel is a stop along tramline T3, between Kanaalstraat and Westwoud. It is located next to a level crossing, so in order to keep the hindrance to the road traffic to a minimum, the gates won't close until trams heading for Rijndam reach the platform. In order to enforce this in a safe way, the signal at the end of the platform stays red until the crossing closes. The ZUB train protection system acts accordingly, by enforcing the tram to slow down while approaching the red signal.

The name Veengestel is a contraction of "Veen" ("bog"in English) and "Gestel" (; when used at the end of a placename, it indicates a height between two rivers.