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SG4 "RijndamRail"
Traction power supply
Third rail and Overhead wire
ATB max. 100km/h
ZUB max. 100km/h

The RijndamRail SG4 is a fictional train based on the RET SG3 rolling stock. It was developped for the railway services in the Rijndam area, in order to create a train series for use on the railway part of the network. This due to the absence of 'normal' railway rolling stock in the simulator, and there was a wish for a rolling stock series which was not identical to the rolling stock in use on the metro system.

The colourscheme was inspired on the Flexity Swift A32 trams which ran on the Alphen a/d Rijn - Gouda railway (in mixed exploitation with normal trains) between 2003 and 2009.

In Beta 3.15, these trains will be replaced by the RR-DDM rolling stock, which will run on RijndamRail services. However, they will remain available for the players, in order to keep old user-build activity's functioning.

Operations In Simulator

This trains can operate in all the electrified Simvliet's Metro and Rijndam's Metro because they are equipped with third rail shoes, pantograph, and compatible with ATB & ZUB.