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Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB-EG max. speed 160 km/h

The RR-DDM is a doubledecker train built for the RijndamRail local services. RR-DDM stands for "RijndamRail DubbelDekker Materieel" (RijndamRail DoubleDecker stock). It is a fictional train, with a colorscheme based on the Dutch Railways (NS) "Sprinter" livery for local trains.
The train consists out of three sections of two end cars and one middle car. The end cars are equipped with an electrical equipment department, a pantograph and a driver position.
Between trains, the automatic coupler is used. However, there is also a buffer/chain coupler present, which can be used to couple mechanically with mainline locomotives. The presence of this double coupling system was inspired on the Dutch Railways (NS) DD-AR doubbledekker trainsets, which are also equiped with a double coupling system (https://www.martijnhaman.nl/typeddar.htm).

The RR-DDM uses the same driver panel as the NS 1700 locomotive. However, in this train, the driver sits in the center of the cabin, and has a beter view to the outside.
The passengerdoors of the train have been animated in the same way as the doors of the DD-AR trains mentioned above; the entire doorset moves out a little bit, and then slides open. The doorsounds in the simulator are recordings from this traintype. The train is equipped with 4 passenger view (under keys 4-7).

On the RijndamRail line, the platforms are long enough for up to two RR-DDM trainsets coupled together.

The original Sketchup model (of the outside of the train) is by Seht 13 on 3D Warehause.

Operations in simulator

To use this train in your activities you can use this code : <train pack="RijndamRail" file="RR-DDM.xml" />

This train have 2 pantographs can be raised or lowered independently one to the other.

Special animations

Shift+X: Open/close left driver door
Ctrl+X: Open/close right driver door
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wiper
Ctrl+[: Pantograph 2 up
Shift+[: Pantograph 2 down