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Traction power supply
3rd rail
ATB, Coded Manual.
Max. speed 100 km/h

The MF77 is a steel-wheeled variant of the rolling stock used on the Paris Métro. First used in 1978, it now runs on Lines 7, 8, and 13.

This package is combined with the Alstom Metro package, which also includes the Paris MF67, MP73 and MP89 trainsets. The following trains are included:

  • Paris MF77
    • 5-car unit, 1979
    • 5-car unit, 2007
    • 5-car unit, 2007 Line 13 configuration
    • 5-car unit, 2020 (repaintable)
    • 5-car unit, 2020 Line 13 configuration (repaintable)
    • Separate cars to couple/uncouple at will
  • Paris BOA
    • 4-car unit, without pantograph
    • 4-car unit, with pantograph

MF77 lineup.jpg

Operation in Metrosimulator

Linenumber, servicenumber, and Destination display

On the front of the train in the destination display box, there are 3 numbers; the first is the line number, the next two are the service number. So "126" means "line 1, service 26".

  • Change line number & interior line display (scrollsign 3): Ctrl+/ (Numpad) and Ctrl+* (Numpad)
  • Change service number (scrollsign 2): Shift+/ (Numpad) and Shift+* (Numpad)
  • Change destination (scrollsign 1): / (Numpad) and * (Numpad)

The line diagrams on the interior are set according to the line number. There are 20 line diagrams, and they loop around; so the diagram for for example Rijndam line M1 will show up if you set the line number display to 01, 21, 41, 61 or 81.

Simvliet line diagrams are under line numbers 11-12-13. Line number 13 was chosen as all metro's on lines A, B en C in Simvliet run under service numbers in he 300-series (and "03" was already used for Rijndam). So when setting the line number to 13, you will get the line diagrams for Simvliet lines A/B/C in the interior of the train.

Light signalling

The lights on the sides of the Line, service number, and destination display will turn on if you set the train protection system to "Neutral".

MF77 consists

A normal 5-car train consists of 2 M-carriages (on the ends), an NA-carriage, and two B-carriage. A full consists looks like this:


You can spawn a train in two ways; as separate carriages, or as a complete train. The complete train version is most easy to spawn, but can not be uncoupled into separate carriages.

To spawn the train in separate carriages in explore mode, couple it in this way:


  1. MF77_M
  2. MF77_B
  3. MF77_NA
  4. MF77_B
  5. MF77_M (reversed)

To spawn the train in separate carriages in an activity, use these in your activity file (example: MF77 5car 1979 in Simvliet 1982):

 <consist start="OPK3">
  <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_M.xml"><car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" scrollsign2="01"/></train>
  <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_B.xml"><car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12"/></train>
  <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_NA.xml"><car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12"/></train>
  <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_B.xml"><car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12"/></train>
  <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_M.xml" reversed="true"><car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" scrollsign2="01"/></train>

To spawn these trains as complete trains in an activity, use this in your activity file (example: MF77 5car 1979 in Simvliet 1982):

 <consist start="OPK3">
  <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_1979.xml">
   <car id="0" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" scrollsign2="01"/>
   <car id="1" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" />
   <car id="2" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" />
   <car id="3" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" />
   <car id="4" scrollsign1="4.0" scrollsign3="12" scrollsign2="01"/>
   <cab id="1" enabled="true" ai="205"/>

There are quite a few scrollsign's to fill in, when you place the vehicle in an activity. Scrollsign1 and scrollsign3 must be set for all cars in the train, as these set the route diagrams above the doors in the interior.

The front and end cars need 3 scrollsign settings;

  • scrollsign1: Destination
  • scrollsign2: Service number
  • scrollsign3: Line number

It is the same as on the MF67 trains;
MF67 Rifi.jpg

Animations you can activate from the driver cab:

  • Shift+X to open/close left driver door.
  • Ctrl+X to open/close right driver door.
  • Ctrl+Shift+X to open/close internal driver door.

Codes for activities

How to add; read this post on the forum:

Full train:

   <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_1979.xml"/>		MF77 5-car 1979 (white livery)
   <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_2007.xml"/>		MF77 5-car 2007 (green livery)
   <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_2007_L13.xml"/>		MF77 5-car 2007 (green livery, digital destination displays)
   <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_2020.xml"/>		MF77 5-car 2007 (Ile de France livery, Repaintable)
   <train pack="AlstomMetro" file="MF77_2020_L13.xml"/>		MF77 5-car 2007 (Ile de France livery, Repaintable, digital destination displays)

Separate carriages:

   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_M.xml"/>		motorized endcar
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_B.xml"/>		non-motorized middle car
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_1979_NA.xml"/>		motorized middle car, first class
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2007_M.xml"/>
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2007_B.xml"/>
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2007_NA.xml"/>
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2020_M.xml"/>
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2020_B.xml"/>
   <train pack="ParisMetro" file="MF77_2020_NA.xml"/>

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