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ZGT 003.jpg
Repaintable: 701-750
Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB / On sight

The ZGT (Zwevend Geleed Tramrijtuig / Floating Articulated Tram) was in use on the Rotterdam tram netwerk between 1981 and 2014. 100 units in total (vehicle numbers 701-750 and 801-850). The front section is supported by two bogies, and the rear section is supported by the front section and one bogie at the back.

The following versions are available:

  • RET ZGT 1990 (801-850)
  • RET ZGT 2000 (801-850)
  • RET ZGT RP1 (701-725) - Repaintable 1
  • RET ZGT RP2 (726-750) - Repaintable 2

Note; The ZGT 700 and 800 series differ in a few ways, most notably they have different cabview layouts. The Metrosimulator model however is based on the 800 series. The only difference in Metrosimulator is het vehicle number, and the maximum speed: the 700 series can reach 70 km/h, the 800 series only 60 km/h. The 700 series vehicles are repaintable. You can find the texture files in the folder "Data\TramNL\Textures".

ZGT 005.jpg

Operation in Metrosimulator

These trams can run in service in Metrosimulator on all tramlines equiped with overhead wires AND turning loops / triangles. The lines which are under ZUB train protection cannot be used.


In reality, these vehicles do not have any ATP system. In order to run on the Rijndam and Toronto tram networks (where ATB has been installed as a requirement of the simulator), the ATB system is installed on these trams. However, the maximum speed enforcement has been removed from it, so you are responsible yourself for a safe trip! When running on tracks with ATB, the maximum speed it send to your vehicle is shown in the speedometer with a small blue arrow (but its not enforced). Just remember to STOP before an S-sign along the track when the ATB signal shows "10 km/h". In the ZGT, a white indicator light with the letter S will light up to remind you of this.

When running "On Sight" (when no ATB is available), no allowed speed is shown in the speedometer

Train operation keys

  • Ctrl+P / Shift+P – Pantograph
  • Shift+X – Open/close driver internal door (front cab).
  • Shift+X – Open/close driving control hatch (rear cab).
  • Ctrl+L – Driver desk light on/off
  • Shift+L – Passenger lights on/off
  • [ – Direction indicator light left on/off
  • ] – Direction indicator light right on/off
  • \ – Emergency lights on/off
  • Num / / Num * – Line and Destination display


In the folder "\Data\TramNL\textures\Repaint backups" you will find a few repaints / templates which you can use as a basis to create your own repaints. Main purpose for this folder is to store/backup repaints you are not using at the moment. Only the files directly onder "\Data\TramNL\textures\" are used by the simulator. So put the repaint you whish to use on this location under the correct name.

Codes for activities

To use them in your own activities, you can use these codes:

<train pack="TramNL" file="RET_ZGT_1990.xml"/>
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET_ZGT_2000.xml"/>
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET_ZGT_RP1.xml"/>
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET_ZGT_RP2.xml"/>

Example of how to place a ZGT tram in an activity:

 <consist start="HCS3">
   <train pack="TramNL" file="RET_ZGT_1990.xml">
	<cab id="0" enabled="true" ai="911"/>

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