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Lisbon Remodelado
Lisbon 500.jpg
Lisbon ToeristTram.jpg
Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB max. 50km/h

The "Remodelado" trams are used on most tram routes in Lisbon, including the famous line 28, with its many steep hills and tight curves. They were never replaced by newer low floor trams, as the infrastructure isn't suitable for modern trams. And aside from that, as they date back to early last century, they are also a popular tourist attraction.

Operations In Simulator

During modernisation, most of them have been changed to unidirectional vehicles; the driver controls at one end were removed, and also the steps under the doors on one side (as those doors aren't used anymore). So in the simulator, the Remodelado's 541-585 can only be used on lines with turning loops at both ends.

There are also a few Remodelado's in the package suitable for bi-directional operation. This fictional configuration is available onder the name "Remodelados 2 (fictional)", unit numbers 746-750.

The green Tourist Tram is bi-directional, unit numbers 741-745.

In reality, these trams have both a pantograph and a trolley (except for the tourist trams, who only have a trolley). As trolley's are not supported by the simulator, all simulator models only have a pantograph.

In order to function in the simulator, and be usable with the simulators AI function, the trams have been fitted with the ATB train protection system. Also, the gauge has been changed from 900mm narrow gauge to 1435mm standard gauge, as currently, there are no narrow gauge tramlines in the simulator.

You can apply your own adds to the trams; unit numbers 741-754 have add-banners which are repaintable. Two textures files (each apply to 7 units) are available under "Data\LisbonTram\Textures".

The simulator model is based on the Sketchup object "Carro Eléctrico Tipo 700 Carris - Lisboa", made by André da Silva. Renovation for use in the simulator, complete interior, and animation, by Sjoerd Ydema.

Special animations

Shift+X - Open/close left front window
Ctrl+X - Open/close right front window
Ctrl+Shift+X - Open/close passenger windows (from cabview 1)
Ctrl+Shift+X - Change passenger seats direction (from cabview 2)

Codes for activities

To use them in your own activities, you can use these codes:

  <train pack="LisbonTram" file="LisbonRemodelados.xml"/>         Standard yellow unidirectional tram
  <train pack="LisbonTram" file="LisbonRemodelados2.xml"/>        Fictional yellow bidirectional tram
  <train pack="LisbonTram" file="LisbonRemodeladosTT.xml"/>       Green bidirectional Tourist Tram

In order to get the unit numbers with repaintable add banners, add the unit number to the code;

  <train pack="LisbonTram" file="LisbonRemodelados.xml" number="541"/>    no.541-547 for add-banner texture 1, and no.548-554 for add-banner texture 2.

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