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RET 400 + 1000
401-450 / 1001-1020
Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB max. 50km/h

The Rotterdam RET 4-axle bidirectional trams formed the second largest series of tramcars ever in the Netherlands; 174 motorcars have been built (401-570 and 301-304), with a further 20 trailercars (1001-1020). From 1929, they formed the backbone of the Rotterdam tramnetwork for over 30 years. A number of them still survive as museum trams at various locations (Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Arnhem).

In order to get as much tramcars as possible delivered in a short time, the first 50 motorcars (401-450) and 20 trailercars (1001-1020) where built by three different manufacturers; Allan (Rotterdam), Talbot (Aachen, Germany) and Werkspoor (Utrecht). They all entered service in 1929.

In 1930, a further 100 motorcars (471-570) and 20 trailercars (1001-1020) where ordered, to be build by Allan, Werkspoor and Beijnes (Haarlem). The first 20 trailercars (from 1929) where rebuild into motorcars in 1931 and renumbered 451-470 (freeing up the numbers 1001-1020 for the new trailercars).

In 1943, the RET build another 4 motorcars themselves (301-304), using already available spare bogies. These were single-direction vehicles; only one driver position, but still with doors on both sides as doors on the left side where needed at a few tramstops on the network.

Operations In Simulator

In Metrosimulator, the first series of motorcars (401-450) and both series trailercars (1001-1020, 1929 version and 1931 version) will be available.
The original model of the motorcar was made by Cees B. (Sketchup 3D Warehause).

They can be used on all tram infrastructure, except the parts with ZUB train protection. In order to use them on the network, including with AI control, they have been fitted with ATB. However, be aware there is no ATB driver interface available; the ATB will do it's job in the background. Apart from this, it works as normal, so don't pass an S-sign along the tracks when the ATB has forced you to slow down to 10 km/h! Or you can just turn off the ATB when you are driving; in that case just be aware not to pass an S-sign when you see another tram in the block ahead (in order to prevent trainnumber problems in the CVL system).

For activities, you can use this tram with the following code:
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET400.xml"/>
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET1000-1929.xml"/>
<train pack="TramNL" file="RET1000-1931.xml"/>

Special animations

Ctrl+X - Open/close compartment door behind the driver
Shift+X - Open/close driver door
Ctrl+Shift+X - Change direction of seats in the compartment behind the driver

These animations can also be used in the trailercars; go to the 'cab 1' or 'cab 2' position of the trailercar by clicking on the trailercar icon in the bottom of the screen.