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Mark 3 passenger carriage
MK3 1.jpg
MK3 2.jpg

The British Rail Mark 3 is a type of passenger carriage developed in response to growing competition from airlines and the car in the 1970s.
In contrast to most other trains, the doors on these coaches open like car doors.

There are passengerviews available in the simulator; you can get in by clicking on the carriage icon in the bottom of the screen.

For your own creativity, there are two repaintable carriages available.

Activity codes

This package does not include activities using the carriage. Use it in explore mode, or make your own activities. There will be activities using them (with Class 47 locomotives) in the Epping-Ongar Railway route.

In order to use the vehicles in your own activities, you can use these code lines:

<train pack="London" file="Mk3_1.xml"/> Mark 3 carriage, Intercity livery 1
<train pack="London" file="Mk3_2.xml"/> Mark 3 carriage, Intercity livery 2
<train pack="London" file="Mk3_R1.xml"/> Mark 3 carriage, Repaint 1
<train pack="London" file="Mk3_R2.xml"/> Mark 3 carriage, Repaint 2

You can find the texture files for the repaintable trains under "Data/London/Textures"

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