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Locomotive 6101-6102
Locomotive 6101.png
Locomotive 6101 with flat tray car
6001-6002, 6101-6102
Traction power supply
Diesel fuel
Max. Speed
50 km/h

In MetroSimulator there are four yellow-repaint locomotives, numbered 6001, 6002, 6101 and 6102, as well as two more locos with the original repaint, numbered 6001 and 6002, and can be used for rail works or shunting. These locomotives are diesel powered, so that the locomotives can be used everywhere on the route, including the extended A-line and non electrified tracks. There is no train protection system installed on the locomotives. They are mostly used to drag broken down trains to the yard, or to shunt with trains in and out of the workshop for maintenance. The locomotives can mechanically couple with every train or car, but can only couple electrical with some flat tray cars. These flat tray cars are used for some extra braking power when dragging other trains.