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London Underground 1992 stock
Traction power supply
3rd/4th rail
ATB, Coded Manual, Restricted manual, Tripcock.
Max. speed 100 km/h

The 1992 stock trains were built by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) (now Bombardier Transportation) for the Central line. 85 8-car trains were ordered from BREL, each formed of four 2-car units (the outer two units with driving cabs, the others with shunting controls). An additional 10 2-car units were built for British Rail for the Waterloo & City line, which at the time was part of the national railway network. The trains were designated as Class 482 until 1 April 1994, when the operation of the line and the trains were transferred to London Underground and the trains were simply referred to as 1992 Stock

For control of the train, they are fitted with these systems:

  • Coded Manual: Manual driving, using track signals to get information on the maximum allowed speed, and restricting the train to this maximum speed.
  • Resticted manual: Manual driving, for shunting only, low speed limit.
  • ATO: Automatic driving, works together with track signals to get information on the maximum allowed speed (Coded manual is active, but the computer drives the train).
  • Tripcock (for use on other lines then the Central line)
  • ATB (in Metrosimulator... for use on the Simvliet and Rijndam networks)

Note: In the simulator, ATO is already present in the form of the AI-function (activate/deactivate with "C"). When selecting "ATO" mode as your train protection system in the simulator, the effect in the simulator will just be the lighting up of the ATO start buttons when the train is in motion, and the traction handle will not be animated. This makes it a bit more realistic when handing your train over to the AI.

In the simulator, 2 liveries have been provided; the original livery (nr1), and the newer post-refurbishment livery (nr2). Differences are the colors of the front of the driver cabs, and the passenger seating colors.

Train details

  • Length per carriage 16,25 m
  • Width per carriage 2,62 m
  • Height 2,87 m
  • Runs in 4-car (Waterloo&City) or 8-car (Central) formations, consisting of coupled 2-car units

Special animations


  • Shift+X: Left cabin door
  • Ctrl+X: Right cabin door
  • Ctrl+Shift+X: open/close both emergency doors on that carriage

Shunting controls:

  • Shift+X: open/close shunt controller
  • Ctrl+Shift+X: open/close both emergency doors on that carriage

Activity codes

You can place a train containing the 1992 stock train your acitivity by using the following lines in your ACT file:

<train pack="London" file="LU1992_A1.xml"/>(front 2-car unit of the train, livery 1)
<train pack="London" file="LU1992_B1.xml"/>(middle 2-car unit of the train, livery 1)
<train pack="London" file="LU1992_C1.xml"/>(rear 2-car unit of the train, livery 1)

Example of the code for a full 8-car trainset (using livery 2, and setting the service number to "15"):

  <train pack="London" file="LU1992_A2.xml"><car id="0" scrollsign2="15"/></train>
  <train pack="London" file="LU1992_B2.xml"/>
  <train pack="London" file="LU1992_B2.xml"/>
  <train pack="London" file="LU1992_C2.xml"><car id="1" scrollsign2="15"/></train>

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