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KTM 31 (71-631-02)
KTM 31 St Petersburg.jpg
Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB max. 75km/h
Included in RijndamRail add-on

The KTM 31 tram (officially: type 71-631) is a Russian low-floor tram from UKVZ; the Ust-Katav wagon factory (Oest-Katavskiy Vagonstroitelniy Zavod).
This type has been build in both single (71-631) and bi-directional (71-631-02) variation, and is used mainly in St. Petersburg

According to Russian Wikipedia, 31 bi-directional units were built, all for St. Petersburg.

A KTM 31 in real life.

Operations In Simulator

In Metrosimulator, the KTM 31 is devided into three series:
The 9401-9420 are in the color scheme of St. Petersburg, the example for this tram.
The 9421-9440 are in the color scheme of R-net. They would probably have been painted in this scheme, if they were implemented in the Netherlands.
The 9441-9475 are repaintable. You will find the texture files (KTM31A.png and KTM31B.png) under 'Data/custom/textures'. These files are delivered in the Moscow color scheme, but you can change them to your own specifications.

In Rijndam 2020, you can use this tram on lines T1 and T2.

Special animations:
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wipers