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Included in RijndamRail update

ICF stands for "Intercity Fictional". It was built on inspiration by the Dutch Railways ICK carriages (in service from 2000 to 2009), but more closely resembles the Amvz carriages.

There will be 4 ICF carriages in Metrosimulator;

  • NS 1st class
  • NS 2nd class
  • Repaintable
  • Restaurant (also repaintable)

The carriages each have two passenger views. You can enter these by clicking on the carriage icon on the bottom of the screen. In the normal carriages, these views are in one of the compartments, and in the restaurant carriage there is one few at one of the tables, and one behind the bar.

The carriages are equipped with a destination board on each side, modeled after the destination boards on German intercity carriages. As the intercity carriages in the Dutch Railways fleet never had these, the model gives you the option to remove them from the side of the train (for each individual carriage), by using the special animation function from inside the train.

The original Sketchup model is by 'MS' on 3D Warehause.

Special animations

Shift+X: Make destination signs invisible (works only from passenger view position 1)

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